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As part of our cooperation with Pissed Consumer, it was brought to my attention that you expressed a concern in a posting on Pissed Consumer regarding your experience with our company. IPA is considered a "full-service" consulting company -- meaning that we maintain the expertise and diversification necessary to address all aspects of our client's business. Whereas some clients retain our services to implement highly complex financial systems, others hire our Consultants to help them understand basic financial structures. No matter what is the scope of the project, our Consultants are always prepared to address very specific and precise issues or industries. We would be happy to address any concerns any of our clients have with the work performed for them. However, with no identification of a company, coupled with the fact this complaint is not from a client, it is very difficult to address specifics. Additionally, as you indicated above, you were not employed by our client at the time at the engagement, which can make it difficult for you to understand the purpose of the project and what was accomplished. If the former client has any issues with the work completed, they should contact us at 866-538-0668.
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The company I work for was duped into using IPA/IPA services this year. I was not on staff at the time. Let me tell you what a terrible rip off. For the money that they paid, in a month, they could of hired a private accountant, attorney, and admin assit to do the same thing with better results.

They pre package a basic Acct 101 over view explain profit and loss, and balance sheets, they make spread sheets, that are not any more useful than the ones in Quick books.

On several documents generated for this business, there was a name of another business on the footer of the page ( more evidence, that this is a cookie cutter scam for any one who uses them)

I am frustrated, these people are good people, hard working, and because IPA/IBA counseled them to renogiate a current contract to lower price ( their revenue) and charged them 60,000 this company will be lucky if they end the year with a $100,000. loss.

Seriously, I am thinking about suing them, it is ridiculous.

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Mississauga Valley, Ontario, Canada #36339

was this by aka matthew c. mullhofer attorney who took money from business and companies


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