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As part of our cooperation with Pissed Consumer, it was brought to my attention that you expressed a concern in a posting on Pissed Consumer regarding your experience with our company. It appears that a company you used to work for retained IPA to provide them with services to improve their business, help achieve their overall goals, or address internal issues. Change is always difficult and many employees see the changes proposed to management as trouble. Often accounting firms prefer their method of bookkeeping as it is much easier for tax preparation. However, if the books are restructured to be of benefit to the management of the company, the accountant may not like the additional effort this causes them. We would be happy to address any concerns any of our clients have with the work performed for them. However, with no identification of a company, coupled with the fact this complaint is not from a client, it is very difficult to address specifics. If the former client has any issues with the work completed, they should contact us at 866-538-0668.

About 5 yrs ago, IPA came to the company I worked for and within about a month, we had paid them $85,000 and all they did was go thru our books, get them so messed up our accountant had to straighten them out, stayed until all hours after we left every day. They interviewed all employees, asked very personal questions and did nothing but start trouble within the company.

They have been trying to see my current boss and I have told them numerous times to stop calling or stopping by and they keep on. I have told them to leave when they show up saying they have an appointment with the owner. They leave, but someone else always shows back up. They are nothing but well paid crooks.

They show up in expensive clothes, driving expensive vehicles and take your money for nothing.How can they be stopped?

I know some other companies they have done the same thing to. They're unstoppable apparently.

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The exact thing happened to me. Now they are trying to sue me for $50,000+ when I didn't have a dime to start with.

I am now having to file bankruptcy to get away from these scam artists. I pray to God they find their just reward!


they did the same *** to us :(


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